Friday, October 21, 2016

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Not Mylie or Watson, but this little guy makes me smile!
Halloween is just around the corner. You probably know to keep your pet out of the chocolate stash, but here is a great list of Halloween safety tips from PetMD to keep in mind.

Our Chia Pets :-) Costume how-to here
One item on this safety list- keep your dog away from lit pumpkins- I didn't even think of that! Mylie and Watson have fluffy tails and I often keep the lit pumpkins on the front step, you know... just at perfect tail height.

Keep the dogs away from chere and here. Just trust me. if you have a curious dog that eats anything in sight, I imagine those decorative ears of corn this fall could be nightmarish for you as they were for us! And pumpkins... I've seen people give pumpkins to their dogs and while they are non-toxic, it doesn't mean your dog will chew it up enough. I know mine would chew for awhile but eventually just try to swallow it whole if they could.

Mylie and Watson greet our trick-or-treaters,
but they are leashes to the banister so they can't escape :-)
Corn husks and pumpkins... need I say more? Brings me back to the Wuollett corn cob incident of 2011. The time Watson ate about 10 cobs of corn out of the garbage on the 4th of July and almost needed surgery. You can read about it

Lastly, even though I think Mylie and Watson are the nicest, friendliest dogs on the planet, I always leash them or gate them inside the house on Halloween while all the trick or treaters visit. It's surprising how one scary mask can set Watson off into an angry growl and he goes into ultimate protection mode of his mama (It's all bark and no bite, but still). And many kids have not been taught how to approach a dog or pet it, and you don't want an incident.

So, keep your pets at home, safe, and keep away the candy and decor!

Happy Halloween!


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