Friday, September 16, 2016

Welcome Back!

Hi there! Welcome (or welcome back) to the Adventures of Mylie and Watson! 
This blog was started as a place to write down some of the funny stories about our dogs, Mylie and Watson. Since I started it back in 2010, my husband, Mike, and I started a medical device company with a new hemostatic (blood stopping) technology that we invented in our kitchen. Fast forward 6 years, we now have a patent on this technology, investors, an office, employees, lots of clinical trail data, and we're working on getting the product cleared for humans. 

We launched the product in 2012 for animals and named it ClotIt. Now we have several versions of this for animals, and more coming soon.

So how does all this relate back to Mylie and Watson? Well besides the obvious (they are dogs, we have a product for dogs...) We have a dog friendly office and we bring the two gremlins in at least once per week. They continue to be a source of joy for us, and now also for our employees. 

I'm going to start blogging on average once per week again sharing stories of life with Mylie and Watson, their visits to the office, life at home with two little kids, etc. I'll also throw in some company updates about ClotIt, first aid tips for animals, and other industry things that might be helpful. 

Life has been an adventure! A lot has changed for us since 2010. Here's a top 10 list of all that has happened so you can get caught up with the Adventures of Mylie and Watson in all the time I've been away: 

1) At home, Mylie and Watson welcomed their new (human) baby sister, Annie. Annie is 6 months old and she and her 4 year old brother just love the dogs.  
2) Mylie and Watson got a new office (well, we got a new office, but they sure think they own the place!) Mike and I both quit our "day jobs" at 3M and Wells Fargo
Their "happy place" 
and work full time now at our start-up med device company, Protege Biomedical (side note: our board keeps telling me we're not a start-up anymore, but I can't seem to stop calling it that). 
3) Mylie has perfected her amateur dock jumping skills and Watson has perfected his lazy ball-stealing retrieval methods. (He lets Mylie run and get the ball, then steals it from her when she's 10 feet from me and brings it to me like he retrieved it. Watson, you're not fooling anyone...)
4) Mylie continues to be a counter surfing champ and has managed to eat several entire pizzas, a pan of cinnamon rolls on Christmas, a batch of cookies, a few diapers, several loaves of bread, a bag of cereal, some protein powder, a couple of chicken breasts, anything Jeffrey will secretly feed her, some french fries, a jar of peanut butter, and a plate of spaghetti to name a few. You'd think we're just downright negligent with her, but I swear, she's got a food-stealing gift. She's innocent as can be and doesn't even beg at the table, but as soon as you turn your back, anything she can find she thinks is fair game. 
5) Mylie and Watson have been featured in the ClotIt marketing materials- they are so proud... 
6) The dogs have found their "happy place" up north at our friend's cabin 
7) Mylie became a ClotIt testimonial when she impaled her foot with a wire she found in the yard 
8) Watson recovered from two bad cases of hot spots and skin allergies (likely brought on by those lake visits to his "happy place"). 
9) Both dogs continue to be hairy monsters that leave evidence of their hairy existence everywhere they go. Hair is EVERYWHERE!!! 
10) Mylie and Watson are still spoiled. Even with 2 kids now and a company to run, I still consider them my first "kids". They still get birthday parties, still sleep in our bed, and I still buy them toys and treats like they are my only children. 

So long for now! 
-Susie W. 

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