Friday, September 30, 2016

How do they get along?

I get asked a lot "do your dogs get along with your kids" or "Do your kids get along with your dogs?" The answer is YES. There is definitely a mutual love :-)

From the day we brought our first child, Jeffrey, home from the hospital, the dogs loved him. We were sure to introduce them on neutral ground first so they could bring the new baby home with us. We think this worked well. You can read about that experience here. 

With Annie, we didn't plan time for that because we were rushing the day I came home from the hospital. We requested an early morning discharge so Mike could drive me and the new baby home as quickly as possible so he could rush back to the office to meet with some people that flew in for a meeting. Mike dropped us off, gave us both a kiss, threw on a blazer, and rushed off to the office. So, our dog meeting with Annie was a little less planned. The dogs ran up to Annie, smelled her a little, then laid down on the floor next to us. Not too amused. However, when she started to cry the first time, Mylie was very concerned and ran over to see what was making all that noise.

Mylie and Watson are very protective of the family. If we're ever home without Michael, the dogs will bark and even growl if someone comes to the door. If Michael is home with us, they greet guests with kisses and wagging tails, but if he's not home, they go into guard-dog mode. It's very sweet.

Before we had kids, both dogs slept in bed with us. After Jeffrey was born, Watson started sleeping at the end of the hallway that leads to our bedrooms. I think it's his guard-dog spot. The first few nights after we transferred Annie from her bassinet to her own room, Watson slept right next to her crib.

Every day we need to tell Mylie and Watson that they can not lick the kids (especially Annie), and Jeffrey gets a little frustrated when they run to greet us when we come home and nearly knock him over.

As Jeffrey gets older, he's able to play with the dogs more and that's pretty fun. He also likes to help with bath time- as shown here in our superman dog wash. The dogs are so great and have always been super gentle with the kids.

So yes, they all get along. If I had more time and more space and more money, i'd have two more (of each!)

As I write today, Mylie is doing that "golden retriever flip" where she sits next to me and demands I pet her head if I stop and go back to writing, she flips my arm up with her nose.

Alright...signing off for now to go pet Mylie.

Happy Friday!

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