Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DIY Chia Pet costumes

Watson's so embarassed
This year I was feeling extra crafty and made Mylie and Watson's Halloween costumes. I found the idea on pintrest and decided to make it myself. ...3 packs of hot glue, 12 sheets of aquarium plants, 1 pack of velcro, 1 felt blanket, 2 glasses of wine and 3 burned fingers later, we have two very sad, embarassed, chia pet dogs.

I think the costumes turned out very nice, and they are very durable so even when the dogs wrestle and run around, the costumes didn't get ruined. The three packs of hot glue I used contributed to the durability.

Here's how I made the costumes:

Step 1: Cut felt/wool/fabric into a cape shape like in the picture below. This will serve as the base for the costume.

Step 2: Glue hook and loop (aka Velcro- but that word is not allowed in my house becuase my husband used to work for 3M and they make the Velcro competition and were taught never to call it "Velcro") to front of cape

Step 3: Pull off the individual plants from the aquarium plant mat and glue them individually all over the cape. Yeah... you could have just glued the mat exactly as is to the cape, but I was about 2 mats short to do that, so instead, I tore them all off and individually glued the plants on so they could be evenly spaced. I think it looked better that way, but probably added at least 2 hours to this process. 

Step 4: Attach a strap that will velcro under the dog's belly. (not pictured). This keeps the costume from sliding around and falling off the dog's back.

That's it! Each costume cost me about $35 to make- and I'll admit, I could have found cheaper fabric and aquarium plants. The dogs entered a costume contest at the Canine Club and Spa but they didn't win. A dog dressed as Iggy Azalea won. :-(

The dogs stayed dressed in their chia costumes while I gave out candy to the trick-or-treaters. They got a lot of compliments, but I was not prepared to explain what a chia pet is to all the kids. Am I really that old!? Maybe if I had dressed them as characters from the movie Frozen, they would have been a bigger hit with the kids. Maybe Watson as Sven and Mylie as Olaf?  Naw...