Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Three and a half dollars

Last week I was mowing the lawn and I looked down and saw a wad of cash. This wad of cash had been "previously digested" (we'll just say that- it sounds classier) by either Mylie or Watson. 

I thought about just leaving it there, but I wasn't sure if there were $20s or maybe even a $50 rolled up in the wad, so I grabbed some gloves, picked up the wad, and washed it off. I pieced the money back together and found
One dollar...
Two dollars....
Three dollars....
1/2 a dollar....

That's it. I was really disappointed that I dug through dog poop for 3 1/2 dollars. 

After washing the cash several times in soap and water, I laid it out on a paper towel to dry, got out the tape, and taped it back together.

The next day I brought it in to the teller and exchanged it for $3 in undigested cash :-) I brought it to the teller in this plastic bag...I told the teller my dog had eaten the money, but i didn't exactly explain that the dog had digested the money as well. I'm hoping that doesn't make me a terrible person. 

This story has 2 morals: 

1) Keep your money and other valuables away from your dogs (I feel like this is a reoccurring theme)

2) Wash your hands after handling cash- you really never know where it may have been ;-) 

While I was mostly frustrated that I dug through the poop and only found 3 and 1/2 dollars, the good news is that $$ almost paid for this pumpkin latte. Latte well earned, i'd say! 

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