Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A change for Mylie and Watson

You may have noticed I stopped blogging about a year ago when our son, Jeffrey was born. I used to write stories about the funny things Mylie and Watson did, but then the posts just stopped. I was sure I wouldn't stop blogging about my dogs when Jeffrey was born, but I was wrong :-)

Well, I'm back again. But this time, the blog will have a little twist too.

Many of you know about the venture my husband and I started a few years ago, ClotIt. We developed and tested the product for 2+ years and finally launched in the animal market last September. Michael left his job at 3M last summer to pursue this full time, and we now employ 1 employee and 1 intern. I'm still with Wells Fargo (and no plans to leave anytime soon) but I work on some of the marketing for the business in my spare time.  I recently decided that as part of the ClotIt venture, I should start blogging again about our dogs, and maybe throw in a little pet first-aid, interesting pet posts, etc.

So now this blog is going to morph from what started as just funny stories about Mylie and Watson, to Mylie and Watson stories with a few industry posts sprinkled in here and there too.

I promise to keep it light and fun. Mylie and Watson are going to be the "face" of ClotIt, with weekly Facebook posts on Fridays and a bi-weekly blog post.

Sharing some ice cream 
So, here's to the beginning of a new era for Adventure of Mylie and Watson. They really have been here through the whole venture. They were here with us the day we thought up the idea in our kitchen, here for our initial trials on ourselves (also in our kitchen), and Watson was even our first animal test subject after a nail clipping incident.

We're all here enjoying some ice cream (well some of us). It's not that hot here in MN, but our air conditioner is broken and will be replaced tomorrow. I'm not sure who is happier, me or the dogs!

Until next time!

P.S. for more information about ClotIt visit and more on the company as a whole 

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  1. Great to see you back Susie!! Fantastic news about the new business, sound like a great idea too........All the best to your family and to your Golden 'muses' xxxx