Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I still love them

Everyone said as soon as the baby came the dogs would really take a backseat, I wouldn't spoil them anymore, and many even said I'd want to give them away....

I'm happy to say that's just not true. I think the love I have for these two crazy dogs has only increased when I see them interact with baby Jeffrey.

Yes, there have been times that make me go crazy, like when the two dogs got into Jeffrey's diaper genie and we found remnants of diaper in our bed and had to give both dogs hydrogen peroxide to throw up the dangerous expanding gel...and the time when I bought a brand new wool rug for the basement and they both decided to rip it to shreds on day 2...all the half-eaten baby socks....the chewed up baby toys....the fact that Mylie can never let me rock Jeffrey without also petting her head...

Mylie and what's left of a diaper
But, all that pales in comparison to the wonderful moments. Here are a few highlights
  • Watson continues to cover Jeffrey in kisses. Head to toe. always.
  • Watson greets Jeffrey with a toy every day. Jeffrey now grabs the toy and hands it back.
  • Mylie has started to bring him her ball to play fetch. She drops it at his feet. He just picks it up, tries to eat it, and laughs at her, but she keeps trying!
  • Jeffrey loves to play with Watson's tail. He wags it in Jeffrey's face and he laughs and laughs
  • Jeffrey has started to "pet" the dogs. by "pet" i mean grab a chunk of fur in his tiny hands and yanks as hard as he can. Both dogs make a little grimace face but do nothing.
  • Mylie still wants to help with bath time every chance she gets. We let her come in and give Jeffrey a few kisses before we kick her out to give him his real bath.
  • Every night feeding, early morning wake-up, etc...one or both dogs accompany me to Jeffrey's room
  • Nothing can make Jeffrey laugh the way the dogs do
  • Jeffrey has learned to share his food with the dogs. "one for me....one for the dogs"
    Watson snuggling with Jeffrey
I can't wait to see how the relationship between Jeffrey and his dogs continues to grow as he gets older.