Friday, September 14, 2012

Mylie's Baby

Jeffrey is Mylie's baby and nobody could convince her otherwise. From day 1, she had been very loving and nurturing towards him and very protective. In this photo, Jeffrey, Mylie, and I were laying in bed watching TV. I had put Jeff's bouncy seat up on the bed by me. I didn't even notice that Mylie had laid her head on Jeff, but Michael came in with his camera and was able to capture the sweet moment. Moments like this between Mylie and Jeff are not unusual.

Watson is sweet and protective too, but in a different way. Watson still wants to lick Jeffrey from head to toe every chance he gets, but when Mylie kisses him it is because she is cleaning him off or she is truly "kissing" him. Watson pretty much just wants to lick him like an ice cream cone.

We don't often let the dogs get too close and give too many kisses (at least not on his face) but occasionally, like here during bath time, we let Mylie help.

Jeffrey LOVES bath time. He just chills out, sucks his thumb, and thinks it's the greatest thing. We let Mylie "help" for the first minute or two and then kick her out of the bathroom for the real bath.

After bath time it is snuggle time. Jeffrey could hang out in his robe and diaper all night. As long as this baby is fed and warm, he's a happy camper.

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  1. Cute! So happy to hear that everyone is doing good. Mylie is a very good mommy :)