Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mylie Potato

When Mylie was just a puppy, we were visiting my brother at his house in Ramsey, and Mylie was having a great time with our friends Lee and Stacey's dog, Bo. Bo and Mylie were running around the yard and Mylie came back to us smelling TERRIBLE, and had something in her mouth. I prayed it wasn't a dead animal (although it definitely smelled like one). We opened her mouth to find that she had discovered a rotten potato in my brother's yard that they had shot many weeks before from a potato gun. Mylie had rolled in the potato, and was carrying it around like it was a trophy. She smelled awful and it took 2 baths to get her clean.

Lee and Stacy started calling her "Mylie Potato" and the nickname stuck.

Little did I know, she still loves potatoes. My mom brought us dinner last week and put 4 raw potatoes on the back of the counter. I went to put them in the oven and noticed we were down to 3, and then I found Mylie on the couch proceeding to gnaw away at the raw potato. I tried not to laugh, snapped a few photos on my phone, and the scolded her for stealing our potatoes.

Later that evening we were down to 2 potatoes and I still to this day can not find the missing one. I wonder if she ate the whole thing, or if we'll discover it rotten in a few weeks.... I'm hoping she just ate it!