Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dog Vacay

I just stumbled upon a site called Dog Vacay where dog owners can sign their dogs up to stay in people's homes while they are on vacation. Many of the "vacation spots" are homeowners with their own dogs, often trainers, vets, foster homes, etc. that will play with your dog and give him/her the attention they otherwise would have had at your own home. Some even let the dogs sleep in their beds with them if that's what the dogs are used to at home. They will even send text messages and pics of your dogs having fun on their vacation, while you are enjoying yours.

What a great idea! It's nice to know there are other options out there besides imposing on family/friends, or boarding the dogs at an expensive kennel.


  1. That is such a great idea, I dont think anyone has thought of that over this side of the pond yet! Hope you and your bump are well x

  2. Hayley, maybe you'll have to start it over there :-) Baby W and I are doing well. I hope you are too!

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  4. DogVacay is especially great for us stay at home moms/dog lovers to make a little extra money for our families, while doing something we love. I was so excited to create Dori’s Doggie Domain in FL. They have hosts all around the U.S & Canada. Forget the kennel, and see if there is a host near you. You can use my coupon code DORIDOGDOMAIN for $10 off your 1st booking, even if it’s not with me :) *No Expiration*