Monday, March 19, 2012

The case of the vanishing dog food

We seem to be going through dog food more quickly than normal. A 30lb bag usually lasts us at least a month, but lately we have needed to buy food every 3 weeks. We always measure the food we feed Mylie and Watson, so we could not figure out why we were going through it so quickly. Until tonight...

Michael and I were watching TV and Mylie and Watson were sitting on the couch with us. Watson jumped off the couch and disappeared to the basement for awhile, which is not abnormal because we keep their water dishes down there. However, when Watson came back up, he wanted to give me kisses and he smelled like dog food. Dog food? He ate 3 hours ago.

We went downstairs and realized that smart little Watson had figured out how to open the top of the dog food bin. I had just filled it yesterday and I knew the top of the food was packed down and flat. When we looked in the bin, we saw some nose prints, and lots of missing food. We prompted him to open it, and sure enough- he put his nose under the latch and flipped the top open.

Who, me?? 
Mystery solved! I never latch the top of the bin- I didn't think I needed to, but now that we realized Watson has figured out how to flip it open, I guess I will need to be more careful about latching it shut.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New stroller... puppy approved!

Michael and I got a lot done this weekend. We signed the baby up for daycare, ordered all the nursery furniture, and bought a new stroller.

When we were taking the stroller out of the car, Mylie was a little frightened. We figured what better way to familiarize her with it than to let her be our official "tester". After she warmed up to it, I think she liked it. :-) You can judge for yourself based on the photos below.

Michael was horrified when I told him I wanted to put Mylie in the stroller. "Susie, are you kidding me? Right here in the driveway? The neighbors will see us and think we're nuts!" I argued that the neighbors already know we're nuts. He eventually came around and agreed to let Mylie test the stroller long enough to snap a few pictures. Watson exceeded the weight limit, and he's just so much bigger we figured we'd let Mylie do the honors.

We did put a blanket in the stroller so Mylie wouldn't get it dirty (or full of hair).

First Mylie tested the bassinet, she fits nicely inside it and can lay down. As soon as I started rolling it down the driveway she tried to hop out though. Not good....

Next she tested the toddler seat. We actually strapped her in this one. This was a good idea because she also tried to escape from this (I can't imagine why...).

Mylie is such a good sport :-)

Now the stroller sits in our kitchen until we can figure out where in the world to store it until the baby arrives. Michael's in the kitchen right now trying to figure out how everything works.  There are so many gadgets on strollers these days, we need to study a manual just to learn how to use it! It'll probably be moving to the crawl space later today, but for now, the kitchen will do just fine.