Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Friday routine

I work from home on Fridays, and Mylie and Watson love that. They know that my morning routine. First, if I don't wake up early enough, Mylie will stand over my face and gently bat at me with her paw "wake up! wake up!" Then I get dressed and eat breakfast. When I eat breakfast Mylie puts her head on my lap and cries "hurry up! hurry up!" Finally, i log into my computer. I think this is the worst part for Mylie. She cries and trys to jump up on the keyboard, flips my arm with her head and cries some more. Watson just follows Mylie around. He's very easy to please and doesn't say wine. I think Mylie wines enough for the two of them anyway.

FINALLY, they know that its time to go play. I always drink a cup of coffee out on the deck and watch them play in the yard for awhile. They are trained on the invisible fence (well, sort of) Mylie was trained but we never really finished Watson's training. He used to just follow Mylie around and stay in the yard with her, but now that he's getting more independent, he like to run out into the ravine behind our house and lately he's gotten Mylie to follow. She's finally realized that when she's not wearing her invisible fence collar, she's free!

Hence why I need to watch them from the deck. It's not that they'd run away, but they might chase a deer or run into someone else's yard, or run after someone else's dog trying to play, or tackle a small child so they can lick him/her to death, you never know!

This past Friday, it was snowing so the dogs to got play in the fresh fluffy snow.
Here are some pictures from their adventures.

We started in the front yard....

 Then they quickly decided that the snow was better in the back yard....

"She's just being Mylie"

Watson: Yes, there are definitely better sticks in the back yard....

When Watson isn't licking you, he's chewing a stick or a toy
Happy Friday!!


  1. Hi Susie- I love reading about your dogs, I also have two naughty Retrievers!! One of yours, I think Watson, looked so much like my dog Molly when she was a puppy, I did a double take.Kisses to your doggies all the way from Scotland xx

    1. Thanks Hayley! Your dog Molly does look like Watson! They could be twins. Thanks for your note, and for finding us all the way from Scotland :-)