Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A tired dog is a good dog

Mylie and Watson LOVE going to doggie daycare every week. Let me stress that again...LOOOOVE it.

Every Wednesday they get to go and play with their friends. They run outside, play with all the toys, and swim in the pools (yes, pools plural, they have 3! 2 outdoor and 1 indoor for the winter).

Mylie and Watson know when it is Wednesday. They have our schedule figured out and they wait by the front door ready to go on Wednesdays. Last week because I was home from work, I didn't take them and they were crazy at home. So naughty and had so much energy. I ended up taking them to the dog park for awhile, but it just wasn't the same.

The staff at the Canine Club and Spa in Chanhassen is so wonderful. They take great care of Mylie and Watson and love them like they are their own dogs. They often take photos during the day. Today they posted a couple of our "kiddos" having fun on their facebook page.

They told me that Watson likes to hang out with his golden buddy, Bailey, and Mylie just runs and runs and runs around the yard. Watson and Bailey hang out by the fence and watch the action just sitting together like they are in the photo above.

Now as I write this, both dogs are snuggled with each other on the rug next to me. They are exhausted and will sleep until about 6pm tomorrow. As Caesar Milan says, "A tired dog is a good dog". Soooo true. No shenanigans tonight, just sleepy, cuddly puppies.

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