Friday, September 14, 2012

Mylie's Baby

Jeffrey is Mylie's baby and nobody could convince her otherwise. From day 1, she had been very loving and nurturing towards him and very protective. In this photo, Jeffrey, Mylie, and I were laying in bed watching TV. I had put Jeff's bouncy seat up on the bed by me. I didn't even notice that Mylie had laid her head on Jeff, but Michael came in with his camera and was able to capture the sweet moment. Moments like this between Mylie and Jeff are not unusual.

Watson is sweet and protective too, but in a different way. Watson still wants to lick Jeffrey from head to toe every chance he gets, but when Mylie kisses him it is because she is cleaning him off or she is truly "kissing" him. Watson pretty much just wants to lick him like an ice cream cone.

We don't often let the dogs get too close and give too many kisses (at least not on his face) but occasionally, like here during bath time, we let Mylie help.

Jeffrey LOVES bath time. He just chills out, sucks his thumb, and thinks it's the greatest thing. We let Mylie "help" for the first minute or two and then kick her out of the bathroom for the real bath.

After bath time it is snuggle time. Jeffrey could hang out in his robe and diaper all night. As long as this baby is fed and warm, he's a happy camper.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meeting baby Jeff

Jeffrey Steven Wuollett was born on August 5th. While we were in the hospital, Mylie and Watson stayed with Mike's parents. Instead of us going straight home with Jeffrey, we decided to introduce him to the dogs in neutral territory. This would allow us to let the dogs bring the baby home together with us, instead of them coming home to find they have been "replaced" with a new baby.

As soon as they discharged us from the hospital we went straight to Mike's parent's house. Mike's parents offered multiple times to keep the dogs for a few more days so we could adjust to life at home with the baby without the dogs, but we really missed Mylie and Watson, and wanted to be at home with our complete family.

Michael went into his parent's house alone and greeted the dogs, then he came outside and I went in alone to greet the dogs, then I got them calmed down and Michael came back in with Jeff. The dogs were super curious but very sweet and gentle. We have been so happy with how Mylie and Watson have reacted to having a little brother.  I'm pretty sure Mylie thinks Jeff is her baby, and Watson has been extra protective of both of us.

Every time I feed Jeff, Watson is right there. He gets up in the middle of the night with every feeding to sit by my feed or behind the rocking chair in the nursery. Even when I feed Jeff a bottle (or anyone else feeds him a bottle), Watson is right there. Mylie is never far away either, but when I get up and feed him in the middle of the night, she usually takes that opportunity to steal my spot in bed.

Anyone who visits us knows that Watson is a licker. He loves to greet everyone with lots of kisses.   We knew it would be inevitable that Jeff would be getting kisses from Watson wether we like it or not, so we let Watson kiss Jeff with supervision, and try to direct his "kisses" to Jeff's feet. Mylie gives him kisses too, but more in a motherly way.

I posted this photo a few days ago on facebook. It isn't Watson or Mylie and Jeff, but I laughed so hard when I saw it because I think it totally could be. I feel like if I could read their minds, this is what they'd be thinking.

Overall, the dogs are adjusting well. We make sure to give both dogs extra attention and let them be involved with the baby as much as possible. I can't wait until Jeff is big enough to play with the dogs. I think they are going to be great friends some day.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mylie Potato

When Mylie was just a puppy, we were visiting my brother at his house in Ramsey, and Mylie was having a great time with our friends Lee and Stacey's dog, Bo. Bo and Mylie were running around the yard and Mylie came back to us smelling TERRIBLE, and had something in her mouth. I prayed it wasn't a dead animal (although it definitely smelled like one). We opened her mouth to find that she had discovered a rotten potato in my brother's yard that they had shot many weeks before from a potato gun. Mylie had rolled in the potato, and was carrying it around like it was a trophy. She smelled awful and it took 2 baths to get her clean.

Lee and Stacy started calling her "Mylie Potato" and the nickname stuck.

Little did I know, she still loves potatoes. My mom brought us dinner last week and put 4 raw potatoes on the back of the counter. I went to put them in the oven and noticed we were down to 3, and then I found Mylie on the couch proceeding to gnaw away at the raw potato. I tried not to laugh, snapped a few photos on my phone, and the scolded her for stealing our potatoes.

Later that evening we were down to 2 potatoes and I still to this day can not find the missing one. I wonder if she ate the whole thing, or if we'll discover it rotten in a few weeks.... I'm hoping she just ate it!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dog Vacay

I just stumbled upon a site called Dog Vacay where dog owners can sign their dogs up to stay in people's homes while they are on vacation. Many of the "vacation spots" are homeowners with their own dogs, often trainers, vets, foster homes, etc. that will play with your dog and give him/her the attention they otherwise would have had at your own home. Some even let the dogs sleep in their beds with them if that's what the dogs are used to at home. They will even send text messages and pics of your dogs having fun on their vacation, while you are enjoying yours.

What a great idea! It's nice to know there are other options out there besides imposing on family/friends, or boarding the dogs at an expensive kennel.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Free puppy rides!

We had a feeling Mylie and Watson would be good with kids, they are so gentle.  Every since they were little puppies we would pull their tails, pick up their feet, mess with their hair, etc. while they were eating dinner. They have always been so sweet to adults, and the few time we've had kids over, they have been good with them as well.

You never really know for sure how they will be around kids until you test it, and tonight, they passed the test. Let me paint the picture...

We had 3 families over for a BBQ tonight and there were lots of kids. A 6 week old baby, a 7 week old baby, an 18 month old, a 2 1/2 year old, and a 4 year old. 

I looked out the kitchen window on the deck to see the 4 year old RIDING Watson. Like feet off the ground, hanging on to his fur, full on riding him like a horse. Don't worry, we're not going to rent out the dogs for pony rides, but it was nice to see that they didn't mind.

Here's a pic after Watson got tired and laid down, you can see Parker still feet over both sides sitting on him giving him a big bear hug. 

Later, you could find Mylie with her head on the knee of my friend Neena as her 2 1/2 year old feeds Mylie chips. Mylie took each chip gently out of Ava's hands while Ava giggled. 

Now for the infants, Mylie and Watson basically left them alone, except for a couple of feet licks from Watson, just to say hello. 

Later that evening, the older three kids chased Mylie and Watson around the yard. I'm not sure who had more fun, the dogs or the kids. Mylie and Watson were rolling in the grass, chasing each other and the kids, and having a great time. 

It makes me so happy to see the dogs interact with little kids, because in less than 3 months they will have a little brother. Let's hope he doesn't mind having hit feet licked!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Mylie!

Wow, has it really been almost 2 months since I last posted? That's terrible.
We have been very busy preparing for baby Wuollett, and I seem so spend most of my free time napping or nesting (aka cleaning the closets, garage floor, etc.) these days.

I do think the puppies know that there is a baby coming soon. We hope they will adjust well to meeting the new little guy, and we hope they are going to be nice and gentle with him. I will post soon about the funny things the dogs have been doing lately as we prepare for baby. Stay tuned :-)

For now, I wanted to wish Mylie a happy 3rd birthday! I can't believe she's already 3. People say when goldens turn about 3 years old they "grow up" and become less naughty. I'm still waiting for that. Earlier this week she dragged Watson's bed out of his kennel and ripped all the stuffing out.

Last week she pulled a book off the book shelf and started ripping up all the pages. I think part of this is because we've finally given Watson his freedom in the basement and she might be acting out a bit, and the other part is because she knows we're going to be having a baby soon.

Overall, Mylie is still a very sweet girl. She's our snuggler. Mylie's dream day would start our with her sleeping in our bed (sharing our pillow), waking us up with her paw on our face and a little nose nudge, followed by eating breakfast, playing outside, snuggling, playing catch outside, going to the lake for a swim, then more snuggling, getting brushed, some ice cream from the drive through, dinner, then more snuggling :-)

Happy Birthday Mylie!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The case of the vanishing dog food

We seem to be going through dog food more quickly than normal. A 30lb bag usually lasts us at least a month, but lately we have needed to buy food every 3 weeks. We always measure the food we feed Mylie and Watson, so we could not figure out why we were going through it so quickly. Until tonight...

Michael and I were watching TV and Mylie and Watson were sitting on the couch with us. Watson jumped off the couch and disappeared to the basement for awhile, which is not abnormal because we keep their water dishes down there. However, when Watson came back up, he wanted to give me kisses and he smelled like dog food. Dog food? He ate 3 hours ago.

We went downstairs and realized that smart little Watson had figured out how to open the top of the dog food bin. I had just filled it yesterday and I knew the top of the food was packed down and flat. When we looked in the bin, we saw some nose prints, and lots of missing food. We prompted him to open it, and sure enough- he put his nose under the latch and flipped the top open.

Who, me?? 
Mystery solved! I never latch the top of the bin- I didn't think I needed to, but now that we realized Watson has figured out how to flip it open, I guess I will need to be more careful about latching it shut.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New stroller... puppy approved!

Michael and I got a lot done this weekend. We signed the baby up for daycare, ordered all the nursery furniture, and bought a new stroller.

When we were taking the stroller out of the car, Mylie was a little frightened. We figured what better way to familiarize her with it than to let her be our official "tester". After she warmed up to it, I think she liked it. :-) You can judge for yourself based on the photos below.

Michael was horrified when I told him I wanted to put Mylie in the stroller. "Susie, are you kidding me? Right here in the driveway? The neighbors will see us and think we're nuts!" I argued that the neighbors already know we're nuts. He eventually came around and agreed to let Mylie test the stroller long enough to snap a few pictures. Watson exceeded the weight limit, and he's just so much bigger we figured we'd let Mylie do the honors.

We did put a blanket in the stroller so Mylie wouldn't get it dirty (or full of hair).

First Mylie tested the bassinet, she fits nicely inside it and can lay down. As soon as I started rolling it down the driveway she tried to hop out though. Not good....

Next she tested the toddler seat. We actually strapped her in this one. This was a good idea because she also tried to escape from this (I can't imagine why...).

Mylie is such a good sport :-)

Now the stroller sits in our kitchen until we can figure out where in the world to store it until the baby arrives. Michael's in the kitchen right now trying to figure out how everything works.  There are so many gadgets on strollers these days, we need to study a manual just to learn how to use it! It'll probably be moving to the crawl space later today, but for now, the kitchen will do just fine.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Big news!!

It's true! Michael and I are expecting. Baby Wuollett is due on August 24, 2012, which happens to be Michael's birthday. We could not be more excited.

On Monday, we had our 12 1/2 week ultrasound. We got to see the baby again and it was so much fun. They tried to guess the gender (yes, we will totally be finding out- I hate surprsies). The Ultrasound tech guessed boy and the Dr. guessed girl, so we honestly know less now going in than we thought when we arrived. Michael and I are convinced we're having a girl, and we agreed with what we thought the Dr. saw, but the ultrasound tech seemed pretty sure. (She said 75%) Now we'll have to wait until 20 weeks to confirm that. We'll be happy either way.

The first trimester was really rough for me. I'm nauseous most of the day and I throw up all the time. I'm still getting sick but not as much. During weeks 6-8 I was throwing up 4 - 5 times per day. Now we're only down to about once, so that's more manageable.

Every time I get sick, the dogs wait outside the bathroom for me. Right away at week 4 when I started getting sick, Michael taught Watson to bring me ginger ale. Mylie's mouth isn't as big, and she always dropped the can, but Watson does a great job. he'll sit there as long as it takes with that can in his mouth just waiting for me to come out. It's really cute.

They also have a new trick. I say "Where's the baby?" and they both can point to my stomach. Mylie is shorter, so she sometimes only points to my knees, but Watson gets it every time. I'll post a video later.

We're so happy to share the news with the "world" this week. Not only do I hate surprises, I'm bad at keeping surprises a secret.

Mylie and Watson are going to be great "siblings". They are already so much more protective of me (especailly Watson). He likes to sit on top of the stairs when I take a nap in the living room, and he barks more and growles more at strangers.  He's especially territorial when Michael isn't home. I think he feels like he's the man of the house when Michael is gone.

Mylie has been extra sweet and cuddly. She likes to snuggle up right next to me every night, but I often end up moving her away because she's so hot! She's a little heater and these days I am sooo warm at night. Every night we sleep with the window cracked open and the fan on. Every time I wake up and turn the fan on higher Watson grones, as if to say "aww gee, mom... do you really have to freeze us out again?"

Here's to the start of the second trimester. We're praying for a healthy baby!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Friday routine

I work from home on Fridays, and Mylie and Watson love that. They know that my morning routine. First, if I don't wake up early enough, Mylie will stand over my face and gently bat at me with her paw "wake up! wake up!" Then I get dressed and eat breakfast. When I eat breakfast Mylie puts her head on my lap and cries "hurry up! hurry up!" Finally, i log into my computer. I think this is the worst part for Mylie. She cries and trys to jump up on the keyboard, flips my arm with her head and cries some more. Watson just follows Mylie around. He's very easy to please and doesn't say wine. I think Mylie wines enough for the two of them anyway.

FINALLY, they know that its time to go play. I always drink a cup of coffee out on the deck and watch them play in the yard for awhile. They are trained on the invisible fence (well, sort of) Mylie was trained but we never really finished Watson's training. He used to just follow Mylie around and stay in the yard with her, but now that he's getting more independent, he like to run out into the ravine behind our house and lately he's gotten Mylie to follow. She's finally realized that when she's not wearing her invisible fence collar, she's free!

Hence why I need to watch them from the deck. It's not that they'd run away, but they might chase a deer or run into someone else's yard, or run after someone else's dog trying to play, or tackle a small child so they can lick him/her to death, you never know!

This past Friday, it was snowing so the dogs to got play in the fresh fluffy snow.
Here are some pictures from their adventures.

We started in the front yard....

 Then they quickly decided that the snow was better in the back yard....

"She's just being Mylie"

Watson: Yes, there are definitely better sticks in the back yard....

When Watson isn't licking you, he's chewing a stick or a toy
Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A tired dog is a good dog

Mylie and Watson LOVE going to doggie daycare every week. Let me stress that again...LOOOOVE it.

Every Wednesday they get to go and play with their friends. They run outside, play with all the toys, and swim in the pools (yes, pools plural, they have 3! 2 outdoor and 1 indoor for the winter).

Mylie and Watson know when it is Wednesday. They have our schedule figured out and they wait by the front door ready to go on Wednesdays. Last week because I was home from work, I didn't take them and they were crazy at home. So naughty and had so much energy. I ended up taking them to the dog park for awhile, but it just wasn't the same.

The staff at the Canine Club and Spa in Chanhassen is so wonderful. They take great care of Mylie and Watson and love them like they are their own dogs. They often take photos during the day. Today they posted a couple of our "kiddos" having fun on their facebook page.

They told me that Watson likes to hang out with his golden buddy, Bailey, and Mylie just runs and runs and runs around the yard. Watson and Bailey hang out by the fence and watch the action just sitting together like they are in the photo above.

Now as I write this, both dogs are snuggled with each other on the rug next to me. They are exhausted and will sleep until about 6pm tomorrow. As Caesar Milan says, "A tired dog is a good dog". Soooo true. No shenanigans tonight, just sleepy, cuddly puppies.