Monday, October 31, 2011

Where are the Wuolletts?

We weren't going to dress them up this year, but Michael and I attended a halloween party on Saturday as Waldo and Wenda from Where's Waldo, so we decided to recycle our costumes on Mylie and Watson. (Wait.. who am I kidding, if I didn't already have costumes I probably would have bought them something.)

The Waldo costumes worked great. Watson was a champ. He just sat there completely still while I took photos. Mylie was extremely annoyed and it took a lot of treats to keep those glasses on her head.

Tonight they played in the kitchen while we handed out candy to the record 26 kids who came to our door. We have learned our lesson over the years. The first year we purchased full sized candy expecting over 100 kids. We had about 17. The next year we decided just to buy 70. We again had about 15. Last year we purchased 50 and had 13. This year we knew we'd get it right and bought 1 box of king sized Reeses. The kids who did come to the door were thrilled. In fact, they must have told their friends because this year, we had 26! Whoo hoo!!! However...the box only had 24. Michael ran frantically to the gas station to buy some extras, and I think he went a little overboard. He came home with another $50 worth of misc. king sized candy, and some extra candy for the neighbors who had also run out. After we had replenished our supplies, we only had 2 more kids (and it was the same 2 kids who had come earlier when I had run out).

Oh well. Next year we will buy 2 boxes, Hey- maybe next year we'll break 30! :-)

Happy Halloween!