Tuesday, September 6, 2011

He ate WHAT?

Today, Watson takes the prize for chewing stupid things. I had been home for about 5 minutes and the dogs were excitedly running around the house. I asked them to go find their ball so we could play, and Watson returns a few minutes later with the handle to my razor in his mouth. I immediately took it from him and realized that the 4 bladed razor head was missing. Michael and I stopped everything we were doing and frantically started looking for the razor. 

It started with us pinning Watson down and looking down his throat. Watson thought it was a game and tried to wrestle with us and give us kisses. There was no blood in his mouth, and no visible cuts. 

We searched every room and it was nowhere to be found. Just as I was starting to think he had indeed swallowed the 4 bladed razor head, I found it hiding under the bed in the guest bedroom. All four blades completely smashed up and the plastic casing completely torn apart. I seriously don't even know how he could manage to rip this apart! 

When will he learn!? Actually, I guess I should say when will we learn. This dog really will eat anything he can get his mouth around. That'll teach me not to leave my razors out within reach. 

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