Monday, July 18, 2011

Watson, corn cobs are NOT for eating!

On the 4th of July, we had our families over for a BBQ. There were like 16 people, and lots of food. As we were cleaning up, I caught Watson in the garbage. I managed to pull a corn cob out of his mouth. It had already gone partially down his throat and it looked like he was going to swallow it whole!

Later, I saw that he got into the garbage again!  I had put it away, but he found it. I got there just in time to see him finishing off a corn cob. I was shocked and very worried. I couldn't believe he would eat a whole corn cob. I didn't see him do it, but I saw the corn kernels on the ground, so I figured he had finished off the whole cob.

The next morning, Watson pulled the garbage down from the counter and we thought he might have eaten yet another corn cob. We weren't sure. (And yes, at this point we put the garbage in the garage)

I googled what happens when your dog eats a corn cob and read about many horror stories of dogs dying, dogs having very expensive and dangerous surgery, and dogs getting very sick.

We prayed that he'd be ok and the next evening he threw up the cob, almost whole. It was in 2 chunks, as if someone had broken it in half. We were very happy to see that, we joke that we didn't think we'd ever be so happy to clean up vomit.

We thought all was ok, until last week when he started to get sick again. Not throwing up sick, the other end... He had plenty of energy and seemed ok, he was just clearly not feeling well. In fact, last Thursday night he broke out of his kennel and got sick in 4 spots on the carpet.

After spending over 1 hour cleaning up the mess, I ran to target and bought which we now realize was a great purchase - a hand held steam cleaner and some super strength pet cleaning solution.

Tonight is where the story comes to a close. Watson always comes when I call him, but tonight he didn't. He was eating tall grass in the yard like a crazy dog. He was eating that grass so quickly, it should have been a sign to me. I know dogs eat grass when they are not feeling well to help them vomit.

About 30 minutes after I brought him in, Mylie and I were watching the Bachelorette (like we do every monday) and we heard Watson throwing up. Sure enough, he threw up a second corn cob! That cob has been in his stomach now for almost 3 weeks! It was disgusting. It looked like a soupy salad with 3 pieces of whole corn cob, and a bunch of green grass on top. (no, i did NOT take a picture)

We got to put that steam cleaner to good use again tonight. It may turn out to be one of the best purchases we've ever made :-)
"Sorry I made a big mess, mom!" 

We're just glad Watson is feeling better. No more corn, Watson!

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