Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Swimming at the lake

It was a perfect day on Sunday, about 85 and sunny. The dogs wanted to play outside, but it was so hot we felt bad for them.

We decided to try to find a place to take them swimming. It is really difficult to find places along the lake that are "dog friendly". We live a couple blocks away from Lotus Lake, so we are a short walk away from a little beach, but we don't take them there when people are swimming.

There is a dirt path off the beach that goes around the lake, so we continued walking and found a little patch of sand just off the beach that was perfect for our swimming spot!

I packed some beverages, towels, and snacks in a bag which I hung from a tree (so the dogs wouldn't get it all wet and so they wouldn't eat our snacks.)

The dogs swam in circles and chased eachother, tried to eat the lilly pads, and brought us all the sticks they could find. We saw our neighbor, Marissa, at the beach and Mylie and Watson swam right up to her and gave her kisses.

Mylie and Watson LOVE swimming, and they slept like babies that night. We will definitely be swimming more often this summer at Lotus Lake!

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