Saturday, July 30, 2011

Frog fun

The other night there was a green frog stuck to the sliding glass door. It was really hot outside and really cold inside, so I think the door maybe felt cool. He stayed there for a long time. The dogs were really intrigued. They stared at it for a long time, barked at it, and even licked the window.
Michael thought it would be fun to bring the frog inside, so I hesitantly agreed. This was a mistake, because this jumpy frog jumped from the sink, to the wall, to the toaster, to the spice rack... all while i'm screaming "AHH!! Get that thing out of my kitchen!!" Michael and Mylie were trying to catch it, (Mylie put her paws up on the counter and tried to catch it in her mouth- ick) and Watson sat in the middle of the floor and watched me have a fit, tilting his head at me as if to say "Mom, why are you yelling like a crazy lady?"

Michael finally caught the frog, and put him right where he was, and he stayed on the glass door for the rest of the night (well at least until we all went to bed). Watson and Mylie sat by the frog for about 30 minutes licking the window and staring at it.

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