Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend away

This past week I went to Chicago to stay with my friend Lauren. She and her husband had just relocated there from MN and also just had a baby. I went to visit the 2 week old baby and help her with house projects and keep her 15 month old enteratined as well. it was a busy time! Mike flew down on Friday and Lauren's husband, Jonathan, Mike, and I had a great weekend.

Mylie and Watson didn't come, of course- but they had their own wonderful weekend.

Mylie stayed with our favorite professor from grad school, Judy. Judy loves Mylie and has often said she would like to take Mylie for the weekend (but 2 dogs might be a little much for her). This was a perfect opportunity for us to take her up on her offer, because my parent's only like one dog at a time too, and they prefer Watson because he's a better runner, and absolutely LOVES my mom.

Mylie and Judy had a great time. Judy spolied her rotten. She took her on a few puppy play dates with neighbor dogs, brought her over to her daughter's house and they filled up a baby pool so their dogs could swim and play in the water, and she brushed Mylie every day. She even let Mylie sleep in bed with her. She said that every morning when she would open her eyes, Mylie would be standing over her staring at her as if to say "finally, lady! I thought you'd never wake up. Let's play..." We were surprised Mylie even wanted to come home yesterday.

Judy and me at my grad party
Watson had a great time with my parents. My mom said he was very well behaved and she took him running twice, and on 3 walks. Each run was 6 miles, which is quite a lot for the little guy! The most I've ever taken him is about a mile. He followed my mom around and sat on her feet whenever possible. He would sleep in his crate at night, but in the morning jump on my mom's bed to wake her up and snuggle. I also hear he woke up my little brother on Friday morning by tackling him and licking his face. Pretty typical for Watson.

I was so happy to see Mylie and Watson yesterday, but both of them were exhausted from all the fun they'd had.

Judy, Mom and Dad - Thank you so much for taking care of Mylie and Watson!!

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