Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Watson loves TV

Sometimes at night when Michael and I are watching TV in bed, a show comes on that really intrigues Watson and he just stares at the TV. It all started when I was watching some awards show and Mary J Blige came on TV in a sparkly outfit and was singing something. Watson sat up straight, stared at the TV and started to pant, to the beat of the music. It was hilarious! He pants all the time becuase he's always hot, but this time it was seriously to the beat of the music. He doesn't care for the Bachelorette or any other boring reality TV, but if the show has bright colors or music, he's hooked.

This week I was able to snap a photo of the mesmerized Watson with my phone camera. We were flipping through the channels and stopped on that Cat and mouse TV show, Ben and Jerry? I forget what it's called. Anyway, he couldn't take his eyes off it.  Funny dog....

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