Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mylie and Watson are happy we are done with school

While Michael and I were in grad school, we often had Thursday night classes (plus one other night or sometimes Saturdays). This is why the puppies started going to day care on Wednesday, they would play and play and then be tired all day on Thursday and sleep. We wouldn't get home until around 10pm, but Amber (the neighbor) would let them out twice and feed them. I think they are going to be very happy to have us home around 6ish now every night of the week. 

Last night we had a big graduation party. I know it's not normal to have a big party after grad school, but I wanted one. Not a typical grad party, but a true celebration. We had a bartender, 2 caterers, and we had  catered chipotle and Buffalo Wild Wings.  I had been planning it since I started school, and every little detail of the party was something I planned during class when I was exhausted or worn out or wondering why I was putting myself through the torture of grad school, (ok, it was't that bad). 

Mylie and Watson didn't get to be outside for the party, until the end. 
They would have eaten everyone's chipotle and buffalo wild wings and cake for sure. In fact, today as we have been cleaning up, Watson has been going for the cake every chance he gets. I think Watson has a sweet tooth. Mylie goes for the boneless wings or ranch, but Watson is always going after the sugar. 

At the end of the evening when we were having a bon fire and most of the people (and the bartender) had left, we let the dogs out. My dad had brought glow sticks for everyone (if you know my dad, you'll know that this is hilarious, he is the most soft spoken, quiet, non-party guy) Mylie and Watson had their own glow stick necklaces and enjoyed the end of the party.

Now they can enjoy having us home more often since we are finally FINALLY done with school. It has been a good 3 1/2 years, and I can actually say I will really miss it. I will not miss all the time it took, nor the homework, bur I will miss the friends, and the professors, and learning something new every week. 

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