Thursday, April 21, 2011

Watson the escape artist

When we leave the house, Watson goes in his crate and Mylie gets to be free in the basement. We "dog proofed" the basement when we got Watson so they could have a place to play and be dogs and get their hair everywhere. 

We semi-finished the basement by putting up sheet rock and painting, and putting down carpet. By putting down carpet, i just mean taped the carpet and carpet pad down to the cement with carpet tape. 

We don't trust Watson to be in the basement outside of his crate, because he's really into eating carpet and basically anything he can get in his mouth.

Since we have two crates, Michael hooked them together so Watson has two "rooms" to hang out in. He has plenty of space. However, today he thought that he wanted some more freedom... 

When I came home tonight, I opened the door to the basement and I found both Mylie and Watson waiting there to greet me. Watson looked half proud, and half guilty. It was a very funny sight. Mylie looked scared. We all knew he was supposed to be in his crate. I didn't yell at him, because how could I? I don't even know how he snuck out, and Kudos to him if he's seriously smart enough to get out of his closed crate. I still can't figure out how he got out, but I saw that the bottom latch was latched, but the top latch on the door was not. Although only latching one latch does keep the door shut, it allows for a tiny opening. I think he squeezed through it!

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