Friday, April 8, 2011

Muddy spring

Mylie and Watson have been playing in the backyard all winter. Now that the snow is melting, their play area is becoming quite muddy. I noticed the spot where they wrestle the most is missing a lot of grass. Watson has been getting into burying things too (bones, toys, etc), so he's been digging up the yard and that doesn't help the muddy situation. 

I was setting out the spring deck furniture last weekend and decided to let the dogs play in the yard since I would be there to "supervise" I took my eyes of them for 1 minute and this is what I found.

Watson felt bad

but not for long (Mylie is on the ground)
 Now the snow is all melted (finally!!) This morning I let them play awhile while I ate breakfast and it looks like Watson thinks the fire pit is a perfect little bed, just his size.

Right now it is filled with leaves, so it must be comfortable, but we better get him out of this habit because I do intend to have fires in his new "bed".

Happy Spring!!!

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