Sunday, March 6, 2011

Watson and the flower pot

My mom, Aunt, and I go to the Gerten's Garden Party every year in March. We plant hanging baskets and they keep them and grow them until May when we pick up these beautiful creations.

Yesterday was that garden party. After the party was over I purchased a little flowering plant to bring a little spring into our house and I set it on the counter and ran downstairs. By the time I came back upstairs this is what I found.

I wasn't sure which of the dogs created this mess, so I opened both of their mouths and found Watsons filled with dirt. It wouldn't have surprised me if Mylie had done this, because she has been known to chew up flower plants, but this was Watson's first offense. I sure hope this isn't going to become a habit for him. I am starting to build a nice garden.

Watson doesn't even seem to care. Here he is laying by his mess practically looking at me saying "Yeah, i did that- so what?"

Spring will come! And Watson better not be a flower eater. I guess we'll have to find out...

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