Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time for bed

Michael and I have a giant bed. We've always wanted  a huge bed, so we got one that hardly fits in our room. It is a King with a full boxspring and pillow top raised even higher on a frame. It is huge and very tall. It actually looks silly in the room because there is hardly room for the rest of our bedroom furniture.

Part of the reason we have such a large bed is that we've always said we would let the dogs sleep in bed with us.  It's so fun to wake up and see that Watson has snuggled next to me or to see that Mylie is sharing my pillow.

However, the dogs can't get in the bed. In fact, I can't get in the bed without stepping on the bed rail either.

Every night, the puppies have a routine where they stand next to eachother and put their front paws up on the bed and look to Michael to give them a boost. He comes behind them and puts his hand by their back feet and says "foot!" and they put their little feet in his hands and he gives them a boost.
Mylie and Watson looking to Michael to help them in bed

You can see now that Watson is as tall as Mylie! The last time we weighed them (about 2 weeks ago) Mylie was 49 lbs, and Watson was 49.6lbs. Our little puppy has grown up so much. We are starting to think he's going to be huge. He's got giant paws and a lion head. We'll see!

Mylie can get in bed by herself, but Watson can't get in (or out) by himself yet. I'm sure he will figure it out soon. Even though Mylie can get up herself, she still likes to have Michael help her when she's tired or when Watson is with her.


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