Thursday, March 10, 2011

naughty at doggy day care

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 Mylie and Watson go to doggy day care every Wednesday. They LOVE it. It is at the Canine Club and Spa in Chanhassen, which is an adorable doggy day care facility where the dogs run and play all day.

They have two swimming pools, a big yard for the dogs to run, nap areas, and tons of toys. Mylie has been going for over a year, and Watson since he was about 12 weeks old. When they come home from doggy day care they are soooo tired. here is a picture of them cuddling last week after day care.

Yesterday when Michael picked up the dogs the lady at the counter told him "your dogs are crazy!" Michael asked her what she was talking about and she explained that Mylie and Watson are such puppies, and they like to gang up on other dogs and play with them a little too rough. Apparently yesterday they targeted another dog and ate the collar right off of him. YIKES! Mylie and Watson often go for eachothers collars when they play and tug, but I guess the two of them together play-attacking another dog can be quite uh... effective.

The other dog's "parents" didn't mind and were not mad at all, but we are appaled! Embarassed. My sweet dogs, doggy day care bullies?? We asked my co-worker, Barbara, who is an expert on everything dogs/animals (lives on a farm, runs a dog rescue, etc) She said that since Mylie and Watson are a pack, as soon as one starts causing trouble in a big group, the other will happily follow. Double trouble! They are not mean spirited, nor are they alpha dogs, they are just puppies, best buddies, and will do whatever the other wants.

The people at doggy day care were not upset, but we will definately have to work on this. Mylie and Watson are going to be enrolled in obedience school again at Dog Works soon, and we're going to give them more exercise at home. (that seems to be the cure for everything)

When Mylie and Watson are not bullying the other dogs at day care, here's a glimpse of the fun they have. I got this pic off the canine club and spa fb page and i'm pretty sure it is Mylie and Watson :-)

Here are some more pics of the fun at the canine club and spa. it's such a great place and the dogs all seem so happy. It makes us feel so much better about leaving the dogs at home all day (even though the neighbors do come and let them out every day) and it especially makes us feel better about the long days they spend at home when we have class after work.

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  1. MY niece would never be naughty! It was that little brother of hers who pressured her into it. :)
    Love those babies!!