Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Monkey tail

Watson has a monkey tail. Sometimes we even call him "Monkey" or "Monkey tail". He's still got the long skinny tail but without any of the fluffy fur. It will come in soon, but until then he has an abnormally long and very skinny tail- like a monkey.

Like all dogs, Watson often tries to chase his tail. The only difference between Watson and most dogs, is that he catches his. The first time I saw him chase it, it couldn't quite grab it, so Mylie came up behind him and nudged his tail into his mouth. It was adorable. After realizing he could catch it, he now does it all the time.

Mylie and Watson are such good friends. Besides Mylie helping him catch his tail, the two of them wrestle, share toys, and cuddle. Plus, Mylie protects Watson. My brother, Mike was trying to put the cone on him and Mylie tried to stop him. She kept getting into the way to protect him from the "evil" cone. Mylie HATED her cone, so naturally she wouldn't want to subject her little brother to the horrible cone. However, Watson doesn't mind- he actually thinks the cone is awesome.

Having two dogs has been wonderful. I am so glad that we got Watson. He's been such a good friend for Mylie, and it is so much fun to watch them. Watson gives lots of kisses and Mylie loves to cuddle.

Watson is now as tall as Mylie. Last week we weight them and Mylie was 48lbs and Watson was 46! He's going to be a big dog, our guess is about 65lbs. Maybe he'll grow into his monkey tail.

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