Monday, January 3, 2011

Meat flavored ice cream???

Schwan's has been our saving grace during grad school. We had to buy a giant cube freezer for the basement to store all of our Schwan's food. Michael and I are on a first name basis with our Schwan's man, Troy. We know his life story, consoled him when his girlfriend broke up with him and when his father died, and we even invited him to our New Year's party last year.  

can cook, I just haven't had time these 3 years. I continue to tell Michael that after grad school is over I WILL cook. He doesn't really care, but I do! Michael could eat Schwans and Jimmy Johns forever, but I want to cook for us. 

Well, today Mylie and Watson we able to share in our Schwan's joy. Schwan's now sells doggie sundaes! Meat flavor!  Beef ice cream- gross. 

Mylie and Watson love it. Fortunately we stocked up and bought two boxes. 

 The puppies devoured their ice cream sundaes while Michael made faces. It even smells gross. Michael had to pull the ice cream away from them so they could take breaks. He was afraid their tongues would freeze :-) When he took it away they both grunted at him as if to say "hey, hey! give that back, please!"

 Mylie and Watson- welcome to the joys of Schwan's!!

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