Monday, January 3, 2011

Meat flavored ice cream???

Schwan's has been our saving grace during grad school. We had to buy a giant cube freezer for the basement to store all of our Schwan's food. Michael and I are on a first name basis with our Schwan's man, Troy. We know his life story, consoled him when his girlfriend broke up with him and when his father died, and we even invited him to our New Year's party last year.  

can cook, I just haven't had time these 3 years. I continue to tell Michael that after grad school is over I WILL cook. He doesn't really care, but I do! Michael could eat Schwans and Jimmy Johns forever, but I want to cook for us. 

Well, today Mylie and Watson we able to share in our Schwan's joy. Schwan's now sells doggie sundaes! Meat flavor!  Beef ice cream- gross. 

Mylie and Watson love it. Fortunately we stocked up and bought two boxes. 

 The puppies devoured their ice cream sundaes while Michael made faces. It even smells gross. Michael had to pull the ice cream away from them so they could take breaks. He was afraid their tongues would freeze :-) When he took it away they both grunted at him as if to say "hey, hey! give that back, please!"

 Mylie and Watson- welcome to the joys of Schwan's!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas from Mylie and Watson!

Mylie and Watson have been having tons of fun. First, on Christmas they both received a wreath shaped rawhide and giant rawhides. They were very excited. It will take them a long time to get through these.

Christmas break started with Watson eating an entire plate of Christmas cookies. We discovered he is finally tall enough to "counter surf" he grabbed the plate off the counter and was finishing off the plastic wrap when i finally caught up to him. He was fine. He's like a garbage disposal :-)

Christmas eve we went to the Strickland house for dinner and presents, then took Mylie and Watson to Mike's parents house and we went to Mike's aunt's house for awhile. We then went back to Mike's parent's house and slept overnight because Christmas morning with Mike's family is very special to him. The dogs slept in the family room in a pen, but when we woke up on Christmas morning we found that Watson had eaten a hole about the size of a drink coaster in their BRAND NEW carpet. I was horrified. To make matters worse, it wasn't even in the side or somewhere that could be hidden, it was right in the center of their carpet. I tried to hand sew each fiber back into the carpet and got about half way (it was looking pretty good!) but Mike's mom insisted that I stop. We'll pay to have it fixed professionally.

I was so upset and I was telling my mother about it and she said that he had ripped the rug in their bathroom too. Guess I'll be buying them a new bathroom rug. Watson really has a thing for carpet!!

Today I was taking a nap on the couch and I woke up to a ripping noise, I looked over and Watson was chewing a hole in OUR carpet! It was the living room carpet.  Another perfect circle. I don't know how it does it. he individually pulls each fiber up and then eats it. It's amazing. Now we need to watch him closely around carpet. I had put carpet in the basement (that is actually a great story worthy of its own blog post at a later time) and Watson ripped a section to shreds. He also destroyed the corner of a rug we have in our entry. I thought it was random. I was wrong! Watson definitely has a thing for carpet.

Just as I was starting to think how naughty he is i remembered the things Mylie ate over the past year:

  • 15+ pairs of underwear (you'd think i'd learn to keep them away but she would find them. clean or dirty. She LOVES underwear)
  •  My brand new blackberry- it wasn't more than 2 weeks old
  •  Our operations management homework- 3 weeks worth! (fortunately it had already been graded)
  •  a checkbook
  • some mail
  • multiple paper bags she dug out from behind the refrigerator
  • My peony plant (this was in the fall though, it came back ok in the spring)
  • 3 ferns (they are toast)
  • Michael's Nook (2 days old!! I bought it for him and gave it to him for his birthday two days early- she at it on his b-day)
  • a throw pillow 
  • Multiple rolls of toilet paper
  • Ericka's new sandals
  • 2 pairs of my shoes (she had to pick my favorites!)
  • Michael's wallet

I'm sure i'm leaving something out...
However, now that we have Watson, Mylie has been a perfect angel. She even tattles on him when he's being naughty. She'll cry and then when we find him she hides in the corner. Although Watson hasn't been nearly as naughty as Mylie so far, he has only ruined 3 rooms of carpet, 2 rugs, and 3 pairs of leather gloves.

*sigh... oh, the joys of owning a dog... wait, 2 dogs...

Here's to a 2011 free from dogs chewing valuable items! (yeah right!)