Monday, December 13, 2010

Busy winter

Things have been crazy here at the Wuollett household. We're loving winter, but have been very busy with work and school.

I went to San Francisco for work last week for 8 nights. Wells Fargo HQ is out there and my team is based in SF so trips there are somewhat frequent, but this time I got booked on back to back trips. I was supposed to fly in on a tuesday and home on that Friday then back on Monday and home on Wednesday. I asked to stay the weekend which ended up saving the company money (the two plane tickets were much more than the extra nights in the hotel) and Michael flew out to visit me. He used frequent flyer miles so it was basically a free weekend vacation.

I missed Mylie and Watson while I was gone so much! (I missed Michael too, of course, but he came to visit). Watson stayed with my parents and they had so much fun. One day I called and my dad put me on speaker phone. I talked to Watson and he ran up and licked the phone. My parents tried to teach him how to play catch, my mom took him on a 45 min run, and Watson followed my mom around all weekend. My mom said that he wasn't quit sure about the whole "running thing". At first, he kept up with her and then after a few blocks she had to pull him, but by the end of the run Watson had figured it out and was pulling my mom.

Mylie stayed with Mike's parents and she had fun too. She helped shovel the driveway and rolled in the snow. Michael's parents let her sleep in their bed (she's so spoiled!) but after she tried to steal their kitty's spot, she had to get kicked off the bed and I believe she slept the rest of the weekend downstairs.

When I finally came home, Michael and the dogs came to pick me up from class. I flew in on Wednesday and went straight to work and then to class, It made more sense for Michael to just pick me up after class, and he brought the dogs. They were very happy to see me. I was more happy to see them.

Watson has completely recovered from his kennel cough. He's much better now and Mylie never got it.

Watson starts Total Puppy class this week. After puppy kindergarten he's able to "Sit", "down", "come" and "stay". In Total Puppy he'll begin more advanced training. Mylie has a break for a few weeks because her class doesn't start until late Jan. After Mylie's last class the people that run the dog training club asked Michael if he had ever considered competing with Mylie in obedience. Can you believe it??? The naughty little dog who eats pillows and nooks and underwear? Apparently she's quite obedient- she just needs to grow out of the puppy stage.

The dogs have been LOVING the snow. Watson likes to eat it, and Mylie likes to roll around in it.

Michael and I have been very busy with work and we're in the middle of finals right now. It has been a very stressful few weeks. I have some cute puppy pics that I will post soon, but here is one that I got from Michael's phone. Watson is pouncing on Mylie while she's starting to roll in the snow.

Last night I was trying to wrap presents and the dogs were not helping. Watson stole the tape multiple times, and Mylie kept walking on the paper (i was wrapping on the ground). Both Watson and Mylie found their presents (a rawhide in the shape of a wreath) and have been trying to eat through the wrapping. I had to hide them. Also, i had to gate the Christmas tree because the dogs think the tree water is a giant dog dish and that all the branches are for chewing.

Now the puppies are sleeping in my bed with me as I blog while I'm supposed to be doing homework....

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