Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend up on the north shore

This past weekend we went up to Lamb's resort on the north shore of Lake Superior. Every year for about 30 years, Michael's family has been going up to Lamb's. It is a giant family reunion for Michael's mom's side of the family. Each family rents their own cabin and we take over almost the entire resort. This was the first year that Michael and I rented our own cabin, and we invited my brother Gooch, and his fiance, Ericka to stay with us.

We left on Thursday and we fit 2 dogs, 4 people, and all our luggage (including a dog kennel) in the back of the Camry and headed up north.

We had wonderful weather! It was so warm Mylie and Watson went swimming in Lake Superior (brrrr!) They were just fine. Mylie loves to swim, and Watson doesn't like to be left out so he waded into the water a little too.

Unfortunately though, Mylie chooses the worst times and places to go swimming. We were trying to take a Christmas card picture with Michael's family when Mylie ran off right into the water. Here you'll see the first picture with a dry Mylie and the second with a soaking wet Mylie.
before (dry mylie)
after (wet mylie)

Later, Mike and I were trying to get our own family picture with the puppies and Mylie jumped off the rocks into a very deep part of the lake between two sets of rocks where the waves were huge. The waves crashed over her head and we couldn't see her. The undertow pulled her in and we were all very scared. Mike ended up jumping in to save her, clothes and all. He was soaking wet and freezing cold, but everyone was safe.We actually do have pics, but those are on Ericka's camera- i'll post them later. 

My brother Gooch's goal was to catch a trout with his bare hands. He succeeded :-)Mylie also went fishing, except she didn't catch anything. She wasn't afraid of putting her head completely under the water though. Can you teach a dog to fish? Maybe we'll have to work on that.

It was a wonderful weekend. There are more pictures to sort through, so I may  have to do a follow-up post with more highlights.

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