Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Naughty Watson

We've decided Watson is advanced. "gifted and talented" as Michael's sister, Neenee would say. Watson has been doing  everything more quickly than Mylie- he learned his name, he comes when he is called (most of the time), he jumps off high places, etc.

When Mylie was a puppy she developed an obsession with shredding paper. Toilet paper, checkbooks, homework, paper bags, you name it. Watson hasn't shown any tendencies towards a love of paper shredding, but I discovered him in the photo below this week, almost as if Mylie said "hey Watson- you know what would be super fun?? You go grab the TP off the roll and bring it in the living room so we can play!"
so he did...
The funny thing is, Mylie used to do the same thing as a puppy (except not when she was as young as Watson) and now knows better, but she sure enjoyed watching Watson. The best part is while I was scolding Watson, Mylie swooped in and grabbed all the left over pieces to start shredding in the corner.

Watson is also "gifted and talented" because he discovered a way to escape from the kitchen. We used these baby gates for Mylie to block her in the kitchen and now we've started using them for Watson too if we want to contain him while we're home, but not in his crate.

I was writing a paper upstairs, and all of a sudden, up comes Watson! We couldn't figure out how he escaped so I put him back in and hid to watch. Here's how he does it...
first he peaks over the gate to make sure nobody is watching...

then he just climbs right over!

Finally, on the list of naughty things Watson has done this week, he's been chewing on my shoes. This is going to be a BIG problem if we don't nip it in the bud. Mylie wasn't a huge shoe chewer, but she did chew up a couple pair. Watson has such little needle teeth he can't do a ton of damage yet but I've been seeing random shoes laying around the house so I know he's been up to trouble... Here he is with my Ugg boots. I'm pretty sure he would have crawled inside if he could fit! I think the cutest part is that he had to bring it back to Mylie's "bed" to play with, instead of staying by the door.
...and for those of you wondering why Mylie sleeps on fleece blankets now instead of her monogrammed bed, it is because she's ripped the stuffing out of two beds now and she is going to sleep on fleece blankets for awhile until she can learn to stop ripping apart her bed :-)

I wish I could have gotten a picture, but yesterday when I came home I let the puppies out and sat on the front step. Watson snuck up behind me and ATTACKED my pony tail like it was something that needed to die. He was yanking on it and shaking his head all while Mylie is practically climbing on my lap for attention since I had just arrived home. I tried to pull away but Watson hung on to the pony tail for dear life and I lifted him off the ground. It was quite funny, but it hurt and Watson pulled out chunk of my hair and completely messed up my pony tail.

Both Mylie and Watson have been enrolled in obedience school at Dog Works, in Eden Prairie. Mylie went through Puppy Kindergarten and Total Puppy classes there, and now Watson starts Puppy Kindergarten on Tuesdays with me, and Michael will take Mylie to Basic Obedience class on Wednesdays. We'd go together but it doesn't work with school schedules this semester.

Watson and Mylie had their photos taken this past weekend and I will get the pictures soon. I can't wait to see them all. I will post my favorites :-)

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