Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Uncle-ing" the puppies

Thursdays are tough because Michael and I have class at the St. Paul campus and we don't get home until after 10:00.

Fortunately, my brother Mike (aka "Gooch") has volunteered to "uncle" the puppies on Thursdays. He works in Minnetonka so he drives over after work and plays with the puppies and watches the most awesome TV line up ever and grills dinner with his fiance, Ericka. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal! It is a win-win for both of us.

So today, I was worried that Watson would leave him a mess in his kennel but he was accident free! Unfortunately, later that night Watson didn't quite make it outside and started to poop in the house. When Gooch picked up Watson to bring him outside, he ended up pooping on Gooch's feet and Gooch stepped in it, twice! I think I owe him some new socks. Anyway, It's hard to stay mad at Watson.

We had quite a surprise when we came home tonight as Watson ran up the stairs to greet us. Watson couldn't climb the stairs this morning! Apparently, my brother unknowingly taught Watson how to climb the stairs. I told him that wasn't fair, it's like your baby taking her first steps with the babysitter. Oh well.

I bought Watson this adorable little bone, and Mylie is getting a little better about letting him eat it. She still needs to supervise though. We have to remind her that she has her own GIANT bone, so I don't know why she thinks she needs to also eat his.

Thank you Gooch and Ericka for watching the puppies! 

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