Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend happenings

Well, today marks 1 week with having Watson. I don't know what we ever did without him. He's so much fun and Mylie seems very happy to have a friend. These past two days Mylie has been acting out a little- having accidents, running through the invisible fence after another dog, and not coming when we call her. Tomorrow we're going to send her (and just her) to Doggie Day Care like she used to do every Wednesday. We think maybe she misses her friends or at least can get some energy burned off with some bigger dogs.

Here are some pictures of the weekend highlights...

On Friday, Watson had his vet appointment at Banfield. He slept through the entire thing. I thought he'd be scared up on that cold metal table, but he seemed to like it and we had to keep waking him up. I think he was exhausted because I worked from home on Friday and let the two dogs play together all day. After his appointment we went into the store to pick out a new toy. He wouldn't walk on the leash so I had to put him in the cart.

On Saturday we went to a memorial for Michael's grandmother who passed away last month and Watson came too. It was outside in Kingston (his grandma's hometown) and Watson was a hit with all of Michael's little cousins.
Later that night, we went to Adele's for Ice Cream. We got Mylie and Watson their own dish to share (we didn't let them eat all of it) and no, neither of them got sick :-)

Later that night, we went to our friend Chuck and Jenna's house for Jenna's birthday party. They invited Mylie and Watson so it was fun for them to attend their first party. Here they are sleeping on eachother (this was not staged) while we played phase 10.

Sunday we watched the Viking's game at my parent's house, then visited Mike's parents and our friend Mari and Mike came over to meet Watson. I don't have any pics from Sunday but it was a fun time.

That pretty much sums it up! We're looking forward to going to Lamb's resort with Michael's family on Thursday where the puppies will be able to run and play all weekend. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Uncle-ing" the puppies

Thursdays are tough because Michael and I have class at the St. Paul campus and we don't get home until after 10:00.

Fortunately, my brother Mike (aka "Gooch") has volunteered to "uncle" the puppies on Thursdays. He works in Minnetonka so he drives over after work and plays with the puppies and watches the most awesome TV line up ever and grills dinner with his fiance, Ericka. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal! It is a win-win for both of us.

So today, I was worried that Watson would leave him a mess in his kennel but he was accident free! Unfortunately, later that night Watson didn't quite make it outside and started to poop in the house. When Gooch picked up Watson to bring him outside, he ended up pooping on Gooch's feet and Gooch stepped in it, twice! I think I owe him some new socks. Anyway, It's hard to stay mad at Watson.

We had quite a surprise when we came home tonight as Watson ran up the stairs to greet us. Watson couldn't climb the stairs this morning! Apparently, my brother unknowingly taught Watson how to climb the stairs. I told him that wasn't fair, it's like your baby taking her first steps with the babysitter. Oh well.

I bought Watson this adorable little bone, and Mylie is getting a little better about letting him eat it. She still needs to supervise though. We have to remind her that she has her own GIANT bone, so I don't know why she thinks she needs to also eat his.

Thank you Gooch and Ericka for watching the puppies! 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sibling love

Michael and I are adjusting well to having two puppies, with the exception of the sleep depravation.

Watson is doing great. Yesterday (his first day at home) he had two accidents in his crate, but today he was completely accident free.  He even cried at the door a couple of times so we would let him out. It almost seems like he could be potty trained at day two.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Mylie and Watson are becoming fast friends, except Mylie does not like to share toys. We bought Watson a lot of new toys, by every time I give him one, Mylie gently takes it from him. Watson doesn't seem to care. Mylie has started to collect all the toys and only lets him play with them one at a time while she supervises.

They love to cuddle. Here are some cute pictures Michael took of the two puppies cuddling in our bed.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet Watson

Meet Watson Wuollett, the newest edition to our family. He's a 7 week old golden retriever and he's so much fun! We bought him for Mylie, so she would have a friend. When Michael first suggested we get a second dog a few months ago I told him he was crazy and that there was no way we could be a TWO dog family.

We did a lot of research and talked to many dual dog households and the unanimous advice we received is that two dogs is better than one. More expensive, more work,  but they keep each other company and (hopefully) become best friends.  We heard is is especially important to get a second dog around the same age and energy level so they can play.

So far, so good! Mylie LOVES her brother. Here's a video of their first meeting. We stopped at a park a few minutes from the dog breeder so we could introduce them in a neutral place. The video speaks for itself. Mylie loves to kiss Watson and wrestle with him.

The first night, we made Watson sleep in his crate, but we put it in our bedroom so he could be up there with Michael, Mylie, and me. Watson went into his crate, and Mylie followed him and snuggled with him and gave him kisses until he fell asleep. Then she sat all night at the foot of the bed so she could watch over him. We woke Watson up three times to let him outside, and Mylie followed and tucked Watson into his crate each time. He slept all night and we woke him up at 5am to feed him, and after we fed him and put him back in his crate he started crying. Mylie jumped out of bed and snuggled next to his crate to comfort him.

She's such a wonderful big sister!! This afternoon they played in the yard and Mylie shared her stick with Watson.