Monday, December 13, 2010

Busy winter

Things have been crazy here at the Wuollett household. We're loving winter, but have been very busy with work and school.

I went to San Francisco for work last week for 8 nights. Wells Fargo HQ is out there and my team is based in SF so trips there are somewhat frequent, but this time I got booked on back to back trips. I was supposed to fly in on a tuesday and home on that Friday then back on Monday and home on Wednesday. I asked to stay the weekend which ended up saving the company money (the two plane tickets were much more than the extra nights in the hotel) and Michael flew out to visit me. He used frequent flyer miles so it was basically a free weekend vacation.

I missed Mylie and Watson while I was gone so much! (I missed Michael too, of course, but he came to visit). Watson stayed with my parents and they had so much fun. One day I called and my dad put me on speaker phone. I talked to Watson and he ran up and licked the phone. My parents tried to teach him how to play catch, my mom took him on a 45 min run, and Watson followed my mom around all weekend. My mom said that he wasn't quit sure about the whole "running thing". At first, he kept up with her and then after a few blocks she had to pull him, but by the end of the run Watson had figured it out and was pulling my mom.

Mylie stayed with Mike's parents and she had fun too. She helped shovel the driveway and rolled in the snow. Michael's parents let her sleep in their bed (she's so spoiled!) but after she tried to steal their kitty's spot, she had to get kicked off the bed and I believe she slept the rest of the weekend downstairs.

When I finally came home, Michael and the dogs came to pick me up from class. I flew in on Wednesday and went straight to work and then to class, It made more sense for Michael to just pick me up after class, and he brought the dogs. They were very happy to see me. I was more happy to see them.

Watson has completely recovered from his kennel cough. He's much better now and Mylie never got it.

Watson starts Total Puppy class this week. After puppy kindergarten he's able to "Sit", "down", "come" and "stay". In Total Puppy he'll begin more advanced training. Mylie has a break for a few weeks because her class doesn't start until late Jan. After Mylie's last class the people that run the dog training club asked Michael if he had ever considered competing with Mylie in obedience. Can you believe it??? The naughty little dog who eats pillows and nooks and underwear? Apparently she's quite obedient- she just needs to grow out of the puppy stage.

The dogs have been LOVING the snow. Watson likes to eat it, and Mylie likes to roll around in it.

Michael and I have been very busy with work and we're in the middle of finals right now. It has been a very stressful few weeks. I have some cute puppy pics that I will post soon, but here is one that I got from Michael's phone. Watson is pouncing on Mylie while she's starting to roll in the snow.

Last night I was trying to wrap presents and the dogs were not helping. Watson stole the tape multiple times, and Mylie kept walking on the paper (i was wrapping on the ground). Both Watson and Mylie found their presents (a rawhide in the shape of a wreath) and have been trying to eat through the wrapping. I had to hide them. Also, i had to gate the Christmas tree because the dogs think the tree water is a giant dog dish and that all the branches are for chewing.

Now the puppies are sleeping in my bed with me as I blog while I'm supposed to be doing homework....

Monday, November 29, 2010

Nap time!

Watson and Mylie had a busy few days with Thanksgiving at the Strickland house on Thursday, a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Wuollett on Friday, Christmas cookies with grandma Beth on Saturday, and cutting down the christmas tree on Sunday.

Here they are tonight, taking a little nap on the couch. They love to cuddle like this.

Watson has been more cuddly than normal because he's been feeling a little under the weather lately. On Friday night he started this coughing, choking, gaging noise and it was scary! We got him an appointment at the vet first thing in the morning on Saturday and they confirmed he had kennel cough :-( It's a very mild case and he already seems better. I guess he got it at puppy day care on Wednesday. Too bad! It's very contagious so we're going to keep him away from other dogs for awhile. Mylie is just fine. They were both vaccinated for it, but because Watson is just a puppy his immune system isn't as good as Mylie's yet.  

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Puppies on the dashboard

Last night, Michael and Waston were parked in a parking lot waiting for me and Watson climed up on the dash (flash back a year when mylie did the same thing!) Here's a cute picture of Watson- and for old times sake, Mylie :-) They look so much alike! Watson is fluffier than mylie was, and Watson is a little bigger in this picture- but I do think they tried their dashboard climbing at about the same age. How funny!

Watson on dash

Mylie on dash (1 year ago)

They just love to curl up in the strangest places! The other day, I was in the bathroom curling my hair and I looked over and saw Mylie and Watson cuddled up in the bathtub. Watson was starting to fall asleep but he opened his eyes for the photo :-) Sometimes they wait in there and cry at the faucet hoping I will turn it on so they can have a drink. This time they were just sleeping in the tub though. So funny...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Visit to meet Great Grandpa Krussow

On Sunday, we took Mylie and Watson to visit my 90 year old grandpa. He lives with my aunt and uncle in Eagan MN, and he is a HUGE dog lover. He always wanted to be a vet, but ended up going to school to become an electrical engineer instead. He's always had a dog, even to this day. His dog, Murphy and my aunt and uncle's dog, Axel, and Mylie and Watson had a great time playing.

Here is a picture of Grandpa Krussow and Watson.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Elementary, my dear Watson

Happy Halloween!!
Mylie and Watson dressed up as Sherlock Holmes and his trusty sidekick, Watson. Watson was named after the Watson in Sherlock Holmes, so it made sense to dress them as Sherlock and Watson.

The costumes were kind of a disaster. Watson didn't mind the tie, but he wasn't too excited about the mini top hat. Mylie's Sherlock hat was too big for her, so she couldn't really see. She also didn't like the pipe, but we don't encourage our dogs to smoke anyway. The lack of opposable thumbs made it impossible for either of them to hold the magnified glass.

Their costumes lasted about as long as it took me to snap a few photos.

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Watson and Mylie's fall photos

Our friend Lisa Gunderson ( took puppy pictures of Mylie last year, so when we got Watson we had to have her back to take photos of him. She is fantastic and got great pictures of Watson, plus a few of the two together. Thank you Lisa!!
Here are some of the highlights. You can see all my favorites on facebook.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Walking with Grandpa Jeff

Mike's parents watched the puppies this past weekend, and they decided to take Mylie and Watson for a walk. Since Watson is still so little and he's still growing, we're not supposed to take him on long walks. The rule of thumb is 10 minutes per month of age, so Watson can go about 25 min max now.

Grandpa Jeff didn't let that stop them, he just put the little guy in a hunting backpack, and off they went. How funny is that? Watson seems to like it :-)
Thanks Jeff and Jeanette for watching the puppies!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Naughty Watson

We've decided Watson is advanced. "gifted and talented" as Michael's sister, Neenee would say. Watson has been doing  everything more quickly than Mylie- he learned his name, he comes when he is called (most of the time), he jumps off high places, etc.

When Mylie was a puppy she developed an obsession with shredding paper. Toilet paper, checkbooks, homework, paper bags, you name it. Watson hasn't shown any tendencies towards a love of paper shredding, but I discovered him in the photo below this week, almost as if Mylie said "hey Watson- you know what would be super fun?? You go grab the TP off the roll and bring it in the living room so we can play!"
so he did...
The funny thing is, Mylie used to do the same thing as a puppy (except not when she was as young as Watson) and now knows better, but she sure enjoyed watching Watson. The best part is while I was scolding Watson, Mylie swooped in and grabbed all the left over pieces to start shredding in the corner.

Watson is also "gifted and talented" because he discovered a way to escape from the kitchen. We used these baby gates for Mylie to block her in the kitchen and now we've started using them for Watson too if we want to contain him while we're home, but not in his crate.

I was writing a paper upstairs, and all of a sudden, up comes Watson! We couldn't figure out how he escaped so I put him back in and hid to watch. Here's how he does it...
first he peaks over the gate to make sure nobody is watching...

then he just climbs right over!

Finally, on the list of naughty things Watson has done this week, he's been chewing on my shoes. This is going to be a BIG problem if we don't nip it in the bud. Mylie wasn't a huge shoe chewer, but she did chew up a couple pair. Watson has such little needle teeth he can't do a ton of damage yet but I've been seeing random shoes laying around the house so I know he's been up to trouble... Here he is with my Ugg boots. I'm pretty sure he would have crawled inside if he could fit! I think the cutest part is that he had to bring it back to Mylie's "bed" to play with, instead of staying by the door.
...and for those of you wondering why Mylie sleeps on fleece blankets now instead of her monogrammed bed, it is because she's ripped the stuffing out of two beds now and she is going to sleep on fleece blankets for awhile until she can learn to stop ripping apart her bed :-)

I wish I could have gotten a picture, but yesterday when I came home I let the puppies out and sat on the front step. Watson snuck up behind me and ATTACKED my pony tail like it was something that needed to die. He was yanking on it and shaking his head all while Mylie is practically climbing on my lap for attention since I had just arrived home. I tried to pull away but Watson hung on to the pony tail for dear life and I lifted him off the ground. It was quite funny, but it hurt and Watson pulled out chunk of my hair and completely messed up my pony tail.

Both Mylie and Watson have been enrolled in obedience school at Dog Works, in Eden Prairie. Mylie went through Puppy Kindergarten and Total Puppy classes there, and now Watson starts Puppy Kindergarten on Tuesdays with me, and Michael will take Mylie to Basic Obedience class on Wednesdays. We'd go together but it doesn't work with school schedules this semester.

Watson and Mylie had their photos taken this past weekend and I will get the pictures soon. I can't wait to see them all. I will post my favorites :-)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend up on the north shore

This past weekend we went up to Lamb's resort on the north shore of Lake Superior. Every year for about 30 years, Michael's family has been going up to Lamb's. It is a giant family reunion for Michael's mom's side of the family. Each family rents their own cabin and we take over almost the entire resort. This was the first year that Michael and I rented our own cabin, and we invited my brother Gooch, and his fiance, Ericka to stay with us.

We left on Thursday and we fit 2 dogs, 4 people, and all our luggage (including a dog kennel) in the back of the Camry and headed up north.

We had wonderful weather! It was so warm Mylie and Watson went swimming in Lake Superior (brrrr!) They were just fine. Mylie loves to swim, and Watson doesn't like to be left out so he waded into the water a little too.

Unfortunately though, Mylie chooses the worst times and places to go swimming. We were trying to take a Christmas card picture with Michael's family when Mylie ran off right into the water. Here you'll see the first picture with a dry Mylie and the second with a soaking wet Mylie.
before (dry mylie)
after (wet mylie)

Later, Mike and I were trying to get our own family picture with the puppies and Mylie jumped off the rocks into a very deep part of the lake between two sets of rocks where the waves were huge. The waves crashed over her head and we couldn't see her. The undertow pulled her in and we were all very scared. Mike ended up jumping in to save her, clothes and all. He was soaking wet and freezing cold, but everyone was safe.We actually do have pics, but those are on Ericka's camera- i'll post them later. 

My brother Gooch's goal was to catch a trout with his bare hands. He succeeded :-)Mylie also went fishing, except she didn't catch anything. She wasn't afraid of putting her head completely under the water though. Can you teach a dog to fish? Maybe we'll have to work on that.

It was a wonderful weekend. There are more pictures to sort through, so I may  have to do a follow-up post with more highlights.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend happenings

Well, today marks 1 week with having Watson. I don't know what we ever did without him. He's so much fun and Mylie seems very happy to have a friend. These past two days Mylie has been acting out a little- having accidents, running through the invisible fence after another dog, and not coming when we call her. Tomorrow we're going to send her (and just her) to Doggie Day Care like she used to do every Wednesday. We think maybe she misses her friends or at least can get some energy burned off with some bigger dogs.

Here are some pictures of the weekend highlights...

On Friday, Watson had his vet appointment at Banfield. He slept through the entire thing. I thought he'd be scared up on that cold metal table, but he seemed to like it and we had to keep waking him up. I think he was exhausted because I worked from home on Friday and let the two dogs play together all day. After his appointment we went into the store to pick out a new toy. He wouldn't walk on the leash so I had to put him in the cart.

On Saturday we went to a memorial for Michael's grandmother who passed away last month and Watson came too. It was outside in Kingston (his grandma's hometown) and Watson was a hit with all of Michael's little cousins.
Later that night, we went to Adele's for Ice Cream. We got Mylie and Watson their own dish to share (we didn't let them eat all of it) and no, neither of them got sick :-)

Later that night, we went to our friend Chuck and Jenna's house for Jenna's birthday party. They invited Mylie and Watson so it was fun for them to attend their first party. Here they are sleeping on eachother (this was not staged) while we played phase 10.

Sunday we watched the Viking's game at my parent's house, then visited Mike's parents and our friend Mari and Mike came over to meet Watson. I don't have any pics from Sunday but it was a fun time.

That pretty much sums it up! We're looking forward to going to Lamb's resort with Michael's family on Thursday where the puppies will be able to run and play all weekend. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Uncle-ing" the puppies

Thursdays are tough because Michael and I have class at the St. Paul campus and we don't get home until after 10:00.

Fortunately, my brother Mike (aka "Gooch") has volunteered to "uncle" the puppies on Thursdays. He works in Minnetonka so he drives over after work and plays with the puppies and watches the most awesome TV line up ever and grills dinner with his fiance, Ericka. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal! It is a win-win for both of us.

So today, I was worried that Watson would leave him a mess in his kennel but he was accident free! Unfortunately, later that night Watson didn't quite make it outside and started to poop in the house. When Gooch picked up Watson to bring him outside, he ended up pooping on Gooch's feet and Gooch stepped in it, twice! I think I owe him some new socks. Anyway, It's hard to stay mad at Watson.

We had quite a surprise when we came home tonight as Watson ran up the stairs to greet us. Watson couldn't climb the stairs this morning! Apparently, my brother unknowingly taught Watson how to climb the stairs. I told him that wasn't fair, it's like your baby taking her first steps with the babysitter. Oh well.

I bought Watson this adorable little bone, and Mylie is getting a little better about letting him eat it. She still needs to supervise though. We have to remind her that she has her own GIANT bone, so I don't know why she thinks she needs to also eat his.

Thank you Gooch and Ericka for watching the puppies! 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sibling love

Michael and I are adjusting well to having two puppies, with the exception of the sleep depravation.

Watson is doing great. Yesterday (his first day at home) he had two accidents in his crate, but today he was completely accident free.  He even cried at the door a couple of times so we would let him out. It almost seems like he could be potty trained at day two.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Mylie and Watson are becoming fast friends, except Mylie does not like to share toys. We bought Watson a lot of new toys, by every time I give him one, Mylie gently takes it from him. Watson doesn't seem to care. Mylie has started to collect all the toys and only lets him play with them one at a time while she supervises.

They love to cuddle. Here are some cute pictures Michael took of the two puppies cuddling in our bed.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet Watson

Meet Watson Wuollett, the newest edition to our family. He's a 7 week old golden retriever and he's so much fun! We bought him for Mylie, so she would have a friend. When Michael first suggested we get a second dog a few months ago I told him he was crazy and that there was no way we could be a TWO dog family.

We did a lot of research and talked to many dual dog households and the unanimous advice we received is that two dogs is better than one. More expensive, more work,  but they keep each other company and (hopefully) become best friends.  We heard is is especially important to get a second dog around the same age and energy level so they can play.

So far, so good! Mylie LOVES her brother. Here's a video of their first meeting. We stopped at a park a few minutes from the dog breeder so we could introduce them in a neutral place. The video speaks for itself. Mylie loves to kiss Watson and wrestle with him.

The first night, we made Watson sleep in his crate, but we put it in our bedroom so he could be up there with Michael, Mylie, and me. Watson went into his crate, and Mylie followed him and snuggled with him and gave him kisses until he fell asleep. Then she sat all night at the foot of the bed so she could watch over him. We woke Watson up three times to let him outside, and Mylie followed and tucked Watson into his crate each time. He slept all night and we woke him up at 5am to feed him, and after we fed him and put him back in his crate he started crying. Mylie jumped out of bed and snuggled next to his crate to comfort him.

She's such a wonderful big sister!! This afternoon they played in the yard and Mylie shared her stick with Watson.