Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DIY Chia Pet costumes

Watson's so embarassed
This year I was feeling extra crafty and made Mylie and Watson's Halloween costumes. I found the idea on pintrest and decided to make it myself. ...3 packs of hot glue, 12 sheets of aquarium plants, 1 pack of velcro, 1 felt blanket, 2 glasses of wine and 3 burned fingers later, we have two very sad, embarassed, chia pet dogs.

I think the costumes turned out very nice, and they are very durable so even when the dogs wrestle and run around, the costumes didn't get ruined. The three packs of hot glue I used contributed to the durability.

Here's how I made the costumes:

Step 1: Cut felt/wool/fabric into a cape shape like in the picture below. This will serve as the base for the costume.

Step 2: Glue hook and loop (aka Velcro- but that word is not allowed in my house becuase my husband used to work for 3M and they make the Velcro competition and were taught never to call it "Velcro") to front of cape

Step 3: Pull off the individual plants from the aquarium plant mat and glue them individually all over the cape. Yeah... you could have just glued the mat exactly as is to the cape, but I was about 2 mats short to do that, so instead, I tore them all off and individually glued the plants on so they could be evenly spaced. I think it looked better that way, but probably added at least 2 hours to this process. 

Step 4: Attach a strap that will velcro under the dog's belly. (not pictured). This keeps the costume from sliding around and falling off the dog's back.

That's it! Each costume cost me about $35 to make- and I'll admit, I could have found cheaper fabric and aquarium plants. The dogs entered a costume contest at the Canine Club and Spa but they didn't win. A dog dressed as Iggy Azalea won. :-(

The dogs stayed dressed in their chia costumes while I gave out candy to the trick-or-treaters. They got a lot of compliments, but I was not prepared to explain what a chia pet is to all the kids. Am I really that old!? Maybe if I had dressed them as characters from the movie Frozen, they would have been a bigger hit with the kids. Maybe Watson as Sven and Mylie as Olaf?  Naw... 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Three and a half dollars

Last week I was mowing the lawn and I looked down and saw a wad of cash. This wad of cash had been "previously digested" (we'll just say that- it sounds classier) by either Mylie or Watson. 

I thought about just leaving it there, but I wasn't sure if there were $20s or maybe even a $50 rolled up in the wad, so I grabbed some gloves, picked up the wad, and washed it off. I pieced the money back together and found
One dollar...
Two dollars....
Three dollars....
1/2 a dollar....

That's it. I was really disappointed that I dug through dog poop for 3 1/2 dollars. 

After washing the cash several times in soap and water, I laid it out on a paper towel to dry, got out the tape, and taped it back together.

The next day I brought it in to the teller and exchanged it for $3 in undigested cash :-) I brought it to the teller in this plastic bag...I told the teller my dog had eaten the money, but i didn't exactly explain that the dog had digested the money as well. I'm hoping that doesn't make me a terrible person. 

This story has 2 morals: 

1) Keep your money and other valuables away from your dogs (I feel like this is a reoccurring theme)

2) Wash your hands after handling cash- you really never know where it may have been ;-) 

While I was mostly frustrated that I dug through the poop and only found 3 and 1/2 dollars, the good news is that $$ almost paid for this pumpkin latte. Latte well earned, i'd say! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dock jumping

Mylie LOVES to jump off the dock. We learned this when she was a little puppy, but had no idea she was any good at it until we entered her into the dock jumping competition they had at the Twin Cities Pet Expo last February.

Mylie placed first in her group and made it to the finals. She placed 4th overall, which is not bad for a first timer!

Watson, on the other hand, is a bit scared of jumping off the dock. He loves to swim, but is not interested in jumping off the dock. We've been working with him a bit this summer and he's making progress. Here's a video.

It's hard to believe it's almost August, and that means an end to outdoor dock jumping for the dogs. We're going to have to get them out to the lake as much as possible in these last few weeks!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What to do when your dog eats a diaper...or another scary object

So, I'm embarrassed to admit that this has happened more than one in our household. Even when I think the dirty diapers are out of reach, Mylie and Watson have found a way to dig them out, rip them to shreds, and consume most of it.

The first time it happened we FREAKED out. Called the vet, googled (and concluded that the dogs would surly die), etc. First, I'm not a vet, and every case is different, so don't use this blog post as an expert opinion on what to do if your dog eats a diaper, but I am going to share our experience with you. The experience I'm referencing below refers specifically to the diaper incident, but the same method can be applied to any scary consumption if caught right away. I could have used my own advice during the corn cob incident- remember that, Watson?

- Call your vet. This is always a good idea. We've called our vet several times with "stupid" questions, and it's always better to be safe!
Our dog literally ate our homework
- Our vet recommended hydrogen peroxide. She gave us the dosage (which was different for each dog based on their weight). Because we weren't sure who the culprit was (We suspected Mylie), we gave it to both. Here's a blog post from a veterinarian  on how to induce vomiting.
- Wait, wait, wait. Within about 15 min, Watson threw up a gross foamy mess, but no diaper...
- After 30 min Mylie still had not vomited, so we called the vet again. They recommended a second dose. The second dose did the trick, and mystery solved... Mylie ate the diaper.

One time we were away from home and didn't have any hydrogen peroxide on hand and I had heard that sprinkling about a teaspoon of salt on the very back of a dog's tongue can induce vomiting. It sure worked for Mylie!

You name it, our dogs have eaten it, a throw pillow, diapers,  a razor, my blackberry, several pairs of underwear, corn cobs, a christmas ornament, drywall, carpet, many of their own toys, the list goes on an on. The best thing we've done to curb this behavior is exercise and not giving them as much freedom at home when we are away. Dogs are den animals and are OK being in a crate all day, in fact they often prefer it. We'd leave Mylie's crate open and find her in it a lot of times. We use baby gates to only allow the dogs 2 rooms in the house now. We had been told that sometimes when a dog is given too much house to roam free in when you're away, they get anxious and start causing trouble. This was definitely our experience. Limiting the dogs to just 2 rooms has almost completely stopped the bad behavior. (except for the occasional diaper)
What used to be a throw pillow

Last week, I noticed diaper "remains" in the yard, so obviously the dogs had eaten a diaper I didn't know about and passed it. It is comforting to know that it seems our dogs have garbage disposal stomaches and can pass a diaper, but that doesn't mean they always will.

Lesson for us, do a better job at hiding the diapers....

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A change for Mylie and Watson

You may have noticed I stopped blogging about a year ago when our son, Jeffrey was born. I used to write stories about the funny things Mylie and Watson did, but then the posts just stopped. I was sure I wouldn't stop blogging about my dogs when Jeffrey was born, but I was wrong :-)

Well, I'm back again. But this time, the blog will have a little twist too.

Many of you know about the venture my husband and I started a few years ago, ClotIt. We developed and tested the product for 2+ years and finally launched in the animal market last September. Michael left his job at 3M last summer to pursue this full time, and we now employ 1 employee and 1 intern. I'm still with Wells Fargo (and no plans to leave anytime soon) but I work on some of the marketing for the business in my spare time.  I recently decided that as part of the ClotIt venture, I should start blogging again about our dogs, and maybe throw in a little pet first-aid, interesting pet posts, etc.

So now this blog is going to morph from what started as just funny stories about Mylie and Watson, to Mylie and Watson stories with a few industry posts sprinkled in here and there too.

I promise to keep it light and fun. Mylie and Watson are going to be the "face" of ClotIt, with weekly Facebook posts on Fridays and a bi-weekly blog post.

Sharing some ice cream 
So, here's to the beginning of a new era for Adventure of Mylie and Watson. They really have been here through the whole venture. They were here with us the day we thought up the idea in our kitchen, here for our initial trials on ourselves (also in our kitchen), and Watson was even our first animal test subject after a nail clipping incident.

We're all here enjoying some ice cream (well some of us). It's not that hot here in MN, but our air conditioner is broken and will be replaced tomorrow. I'm not sure who is happier, me or the dogs!

Until next time!

P.S. for more information about ClotIt visit and more on the company as a whole 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I still love them

Everyone said as soon as the baby came the dogs would really take a backseat, I wouldn't spoil them anymore, and many even said I'd want to give them away....

I'm happy to say that's just not true. I think the love I have for these two crazy dogs has only increased when I see them interact with baby Jeffrey.

Yes, there have been times that make me go crazy, like when the two dogs got into Jeffrey's diaper genie and we found remnants of diaper in our bed and had to give both dogs hydrogen peroxide to throw up the dangerous expanding gel...and the time when I bought a brand new wool rug for the basement and they both decided to rip it to shreds on day 2...all the half-eaten baby socks....the chewed up baby toys....the fact that Mylie can never let me rock Jeffrey without also petting her head...

Mylie and what's left of a diaper
But, all that pales in comparison to the wonderful moments. Here are a few highlights
  • Watson continues to cover Jeffrey in kisses. Head to toe. always.
  • Watson greets Jeffrey with a toy every day. Jeffrey now grabs the toy and hands it back.
  • Mylie has started to bring him her ball to play fetch. She drops it at his feet. He just picks it up, tries to eat it, and laughs at her, but she keeps trying!
  • Jeffrey loves to play with Watson's tail. He wags it in Jeffrey's face and he laughs and laughs
  • Jeffrey has started to "pet" the dogs. by "pet" i mean grab a chunk of fur in his tiny hands and yanks as hard as he can. Both dogs make a little grimace face but do nothing.
  • Mylie still wants to help with bath time every chance she gets. We let her come in and give Jeffrey a few kisses before we kick her out to give him his real bath.
  • Every night feeding, early morning wake-up, or both dogs accompany me to Jeffrey's room
  • Nothing can make Jeffrey laugh the way the dogs do
  • Jeffrey has learned to share his food with the dogs. "one for for the dogs"
    Watson snuggling with Jeffrey
I can't wait to see how the relationship between Jeffrey and his dogs continues to grow as he gets older.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mylie's Baby

Jeffrey is Mylie's baby and nobody could convince her otherwise. From day 1, she had been very loving and nurturing towards him and very protective. In this photo, Jeffrey, Mylie, and I were laying in bed watching TV. I had put Jeff's bouncy seat up on the bed by me. I didn't even notice that Mylie had laid her head on Jeff, but Michael came in with his camera and was able to capture the sweet moment. Moments like this between Mylie and Jeff are not unusual.

Watson is sweet and protective too, but in a different way. Watson still wants to lick Jeffrey from head to toe every chance he gets, but when Mylie kisses him it is because she is cleaning him off or she is truly "kissing" him. Watson pretty much just wants to lick him like an ice cream cone.

We don't often let the dogs get too close and give too many kisses (at least not on his face) but occasionally, like here during bath time, we let Mylie help.

Jeffrey LOVES bath time. He just chills out, sucks his thumb, and thinks it's the greatest thing. We let Mylie "help" for the first minute or two and then kick her out of the bathroom for the real bath.

After bath time it is snuggle time. Jeffrey could hang out in his robe and diaper all night. As long as this baby is fed and warm, he's a happy camper.